Buls & Jawns is a utility NFT limited edition collection of the
original Characters with 40 + hand-drawn traits. This collection
features 3000 characters that can be used as your identity in the metaverse. This collection also has additional utility for food, fashion, charitable giving, and art throughout Philadelphia with exclusive drops and events for the NFT holders.

The purpose of this collection is to cement the amazing culture fo Phillly and to make NFTs accessable to everyone.

What is a utility NFT?

An NFT assigns a use to the digital asset outside of owning a piece of artwork. A utility NFT can be where someone receives a physical piece of art that matches the NFT they purchased; it could be unique access to an event, exclusive in-person memberships, or future use in the digital world (think within a game).

Exclusive drops and events for the NFT holders!

Philadelphia is home to many things - historical landmarks,
cheesesteaks, and, of course, the Buls & Jawns. The Buls & Jawns is more than just an avatar or piece of digital art - it's a membership to an exclusive club with benefits that will only increase over time. As a member of the Buls & Jawns, you'll have access to special events and exclusive Philadelphia-themed content. Additionally, your Bul & Jawn can serve as your digital identity, opening up digital doors for you that would otherwise be closed. So when you buy a Bul & Jawn, you're not just buying an avatar or piece of digital art - you're gaining access to a club with benefits that will only increase over time.

RoadMap *(contingent on sales and benchmarks)

Stage 1: Whitelist Filled

The first stage in our project's progression is to build our community. We’re passionate about the people of Philly, and we want to bring those people together and develop a strong network of support. 50% off mint price to the first 100 people to join and attach their wallets to the wallet whitelist channel. 10 Bul&Jawns will be raffled to these early adopters who minted the first 100 as well as random Airdrops.

Stage 2: NFT Release

We’ll be releasing the rest of the collection of NFTs onto the website and Opensea after the whitelist has been filled.

Stage 3: Merch (at 50% collection sold)

Exclusive Bul&Jawns Merch. Using local fashion outlets and designers, we’re ensuring that you not only look good in the virtual world, but you look good in real life too.

We’ve partnered with local philly vendors to offer exclusive drops/discounts to our holders.

Stage 4:Bul&Jawn Party (at 100% sell out)

TBA - this will be held off 69th street for Buls&Jawn Nft holders only! A time to meet and greet other Buls&Jawns! Details to be released.

Stage 4.5:Bul&Jawn Art Show (at 100% sell out)

TBA - this will be held Moody Jones Gallery in Glenside Pa. Signed prints and artist embelished works of the Bul&Jawns images.


5% of NFT sales will be donated to Center For Autism Research Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia.

Copyright Ownership

Full copyright ownership for use of the Buls&Jawns NFT(S) that was purchased for merchandising and advertising.


We’re going to continue finding new ways to offer utility to our
holders, and to expand on our methods of immortalizing the place that we love.

NFT Value Providers (A Growing list)

Style by Blain

Best of Philly 2021

Men's Footwear DesignerStyle by Blain Aside from being one of the best-dressed and best-named business owners in the city, Voltaire Blain has an unusually welcoming store — a
historic Chestnut Hill home where the shoes are displayed not on racks, but on a pool table — and an equally impressive collection: Styleshoes by Alden, Paraboot, and Gaziano and Girling, some of which he designed himself.

Bariq Cobbs

A visual artist and fashion designer from Philadelphia - owner of Miskeen Originals

Kimberly Fonville

Personal Celebrity Chef/Caterer/Craft Services - Motion Picture Production, Domestic Services, Special Event Director.

Reign Events

A multi-location venue specializing in themed events as well as soul, sea, and exotic food dishs.


Black and White Services ("Blkwhiser" for short) is a Philadelphia region men’s jewelry, brand creating and offering personal style for men using quality materials and well-crafted products.

Jonathan D. Pinkett

Born in 1949, Jonathan studied filmmaking at the Philadelphia College of Art and drawing and painting at the Grand Central Atelier in New York. He uses a variety of materials and processes in each project that relate to specific themes or personalities: he absorbs and redirects the energy of his subjects, the portraits he paints are, in essence, self-portraits. His works are included in public, private, and corporate collections.

Shannon LeBraun

Influenced heavily by graffiti artist of the 80's, pop-art culture and, rock&roll music. It wasn't until much later in life that the potential impact of his gift  was realized. Today, you will find him working on his ever evolving, half fantasy/ half realistic zoomorphic, concepts.

Moody Jones Gallery

Moody Jones Art Gallery is a sophisticated boutique art gallery that specializes in original works of art of all mediums. The gallery has an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. Moody Jones Art Gallery is the perfect place to find a unique work of art.

We believe that art is for everyone.

The Motley Crew

The following are responsible for bring this project to life:

Mayham of mischief: Malcolm

Co-conspirator: Theopolis

Installer of Insanity: John

Image insigator: DeshanDW

Discord of Discord: Austin